Monday, January 11, 2016

Unity in the Zone

Hey mother,
I would like to share with you a little about our week here in the zone. Me and my companion and working soo hard to help everyone reach there goals!! It was kind of stressing me out until yesterday when the assistants to the President came and help us sort out a few nicks. Now our only desire is help one another and the zone.
I am also learning the value of unity in the zone and also in your companionship. Those two things can drive a team anywhere they want to go. I have been really able to see that a lot here and see it put in practice. Hope that we can keep this energy up!! I don't have much time left here in this area. Yesterday the assistants basically told me that I was going to leave this transfer....but without really telling me. Elder Nielson, one of the assistants told me something that really motivated me a lot! He told me, ¨´ Elder Spencer I want to tell you what the president said about you the other day he said, ´´´´ I don't have to worry about Elder Spencer. I know he runs a tight ship there in his Zone´´´´ I am not saying to raising myself above others, no,  but that made me feel really good that he told me that.
Hope all is well and can't wait to receive my birthday package! LOVE YOU ALL!!
Elder Spencer

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