Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pressing Forward

We have three baptisms this month on the 29 on Nov! I want to share a little bit about each person that we are going to baptize! 

1. Doctor Cesar, 

He is a doctor of teeth! He is really awesome! His cousin is the second counselor in a stake not to far from where we live! He has had interest in the church for a long time! And he never knew what to do! Until we showed up! In the first lesson we talked about the Plan of Salvation and when we were talking about the Kingdoms of Glory we invited him to baptism and he accepted! We are teaching him to prepare him for the 29! 

2. Irma 

Irma! She was a reference of a member! The member introduced us to her 3 weeks ago! And she has the desire to be baptized also! She is so sweet and genuine when we come over! She loves to here what we have to teach! She came to church yesterday for the first time and later that day we visited her and she said that she felt something different about our church! 

3. Isabel? 

I think her name is Isabel... Not sure... anyways she is autistic. At first with her we didn't really know what to do. Because of her condition she already has the Celestial Kingdom! But when she wants something she is going to get it!! We visited her family yesterday. The house was dark and we knocked and no one answered for a long time. But we waited and waited. And they answered! The mother is a member and tries her hardest to attend church! Her son works on Sundays but we invited him to baptism also and he accepted for the month of December! 

Wow! A lot has happened these past weeks! I went on divisions with the Zone Leader Elder Whitlock! Not the same Zone Leader who is strict because he is cool! Anyways we went on divisions in my area! I was kind of scared but all turned out well! I only got lost once!! On of lessons that we taught was awesome! We taught this less active family they have 2 sons and a mom. I don't know where the dad is... But we were teaching them and there was interruptions like every 7 mins it seemed like! But we were patient with them and we showed them our concern. Oh also the mother has cancer in her stomach. And she is on medication. Anyways we were teaching, and when we were talking about where we go after this life you could feel a spirit in the room and you could sense that everything was going to be alright. You could see it on the faces of the family. It was a very spiritual lesson! 

Elder Spencer 

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