Sunday, November 23, 2014


My week has been full of things that are worthy to share. I have a hard time remembering things so that is why I don't really write much. But I am going to try better to remember. 

Well first off we found this lady. She is so sweet and sincere. She really wants to change her life for the better! She lives up in the hills of Peru! She told us that she has had interest in the Church but never really knew what to do from there. Until one day we showed up at her door and she was very grateful for that. She hasn't been attending church which she said she would do for like the past 2 weeks. I keep visiting her though and we keep promising that the Church is a safe place for us to learn and grow together. I think she has a little bit of fear of the church and applying the change. But no one is perfect and we need to be patient with her. We visited her 2 days ago. And we asked if she had been reading. I already knew that answer when she said no she hadn't been reading. From there my coampanion went of on a rant and he did what we call " quemado " the word means " burned " in Spanish. This means when you have asked your invesigador to read or pray multiple times and they haven't that you pull out your scriptures and tesitfy about the blessing that you can recieve and you ask a million questions about why they aren't reading and litteraly burn them with your words and scripture. I don't like this method at all. So I sat there like I knew what was going on! My comp likes to talk a lot when we are in the lessons which is good in a way but he says way too much I am pretty sure he talked for 40 mins to this lady. At the end of this he nudged me which indicated that it was my turn to talk. I didn't have many words or analogies to give but I used the words that I knew and I gave a sincere and caring testimony that was about 8 min long about the importance of reading, praying and about the church. It was sincere and caring. I don't like to "burn the people with scripture and words. 

Well I don't have time to write what I want cause every Monday we are late to Internet. Thanks to my comp... I don't have time to write what I want to write to you guys. And we have a new Zone leader who is not cool and is very strict about the time we have to write our families. 

We met this doctor and he has interest to be baptized we are preparing him right now to be baptized this month! He came to church yesterday. But he slept through some of the classes. Sorry I can't write more thanks to my companion and my Zone leader I can only give a little when I want to give a lot. 

Love you! 

Elder Spencer 

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