Monday, November 30, 2015

Being Led by the Spirit


As I have explained before I have to fill out forms and that takes a while. And sometimes we don't have time to write our families. But I am trying really hard to find time to write you all. Also the time is takes to write this letter also takes time. But Hey when you are in the service of God you are in the service of your fellow beings. 

This week went really well! We were almost able to reach our goal as a zone of the baptisms for the month. We came short by one!!!

But there are some experiences that I wanted to share with you about last week and this week too! 

Well last week I get a call from a missionary that tells me that his person that was going to get baptized didn't come to church. And something inside me tells me this phrase, "He is in his house" and so I tell him to pass by his house and so they went by and he was there! They brought him to church we went and did a interview with him and yesterday he got baptized! That is crazy right! 

Also yesterday we got a call form a old investigator and he told us that we wants to get baptized. He has some troubles with drinking but has told us that he has not had a drink for 15 days and so today we are going to go by and help him get baptized! 

I am STUDYING The Book of Mormon and there are so many interesting things! I hope to keep discovering more!!!! 

Elder Spencer 

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