Monday, July 13, 2015

Ups and Downs

Hola Buenos Días! (Hello Good Day)

This week has been full of ups and downs for me! I know the Lord makes us deserve his eternal blessings. They don't just come will nilly. 

A little taste of my area! 
This week we had the coolest lesson. We found a family. We have been looking far and wide to find a family like this. We knocked and the father let us in!! That like never happens. He explained to us that he wanted to change because he has just been feeling really bad with himself. We started teaching him and also his wife. We taught The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They understood really well. We arrived to present The Book Of Mormon and we read a scripture about how he could change. He was really interested! And also his wife! After that we knew that the next time we had to teach them The Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

And we did just that the next time that we taught them. And we invited them to baptism! They said that they would think about it. But we also invited them to Church. But they had an inconvenience and couldn't make it...but they have soooo much potential!! 

Also this week the Elders in my district had a baptism! I had the privilege to help baptize him! When the Elders were teaching him I always did a work visit. I started teaching him and I invited him to baptism. His name is R#####. He is an older man. But he was so happy after his baptism! Me as well. After the baptism we went to hi house to eat. And when it was time to leave he pulled me aside and he said, "Elder Spencer, nunca te olvidare nunca."  In English... I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. That almost made me cry to hear that. 

This week has been really stressful and reall

y rewarding at the same time! Hope all you are doing well. See you all very soon. 

Hasta luego 

Elder Spencer  
We went to Lima last pday!! 
here is a huge street

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