Monday, August 18, 2014

I have arrived!

Hola a todos!

This is my first week in Peru! The people are so nice and caring! My campions name is Elder Ortiz! He is of Ecuador! My Spanish is still really bad. Pero cada dia es mejor!
Well where do I even start! My room is pretty small two beds and a bathroom! We live next to a member, his name is Luis, and every night we eat with him! Outside my room is a soccer court! But no one really plays there... When we go to appointments we take these little taxi cars made out of a motorcycle! They are the coolest thing ever! The food is the same everyday! Rice, potatos, and chicken! Siempre! My Spanish is improving everyday but it is still hard to communicate when people talk to you at a million miles an hour! My area is pretty big. We walk up big cases of stairs when we go to teach lessons! In the mornings we either run or do INSANITY in our room on our little tiny DVD player! In the lessons all I can really do right now is bear my testimony and give a little thought about what was taught, but hey that is better than nothing!! Hope all is well with you all! Today we played futbol and ate pancakes as a zone!


Elder Spencer
Elder Spencer with President & Sister Erickson in Peru

The new missionaries!

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